Tile/Grout & Natural Stone – Cleaning & Sealing

**If you’ve just had tile installed, call us right away to have it cleaned and sealed before you use it, so it’s ready to resist staining!**

Do you want to love your tile & grout flooring again? Does it look dingy or darker than it should be?

A deep cleaning may be just what it needs! 



Tile & Grout should be professionally cleaned at least once a year. Hot water extraction powers through the dirt and grime, restoring the natural look of your tile. To prevent staining and to maintain the structural integrity of your grout so the tiles stay put, it is recommended that you always have the grout resealed after it is deep cleaned.





-Scrubbing (With a Counter Rotating Brush Machine)

-Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction or “steam cleaning”)

-Application of Sealer


-Furniture Moving (optional).

-Also includes floor/corner protection & Orange Seal-A-Door covering as needed.



Cleaning & Sealing starts at $1.00/sqft.

Furniture moving is additional and will be quoted onsite.

*Minimum charge applies per cleaning appointment. Rooms measured wall-to-wall.



 For those who like more details…


To Calculate Square Footage: Length x Wide = Square Footage

Example: 10×10 room = 100 sqft. So a 100 sqft room would be: $100 to Clean & Seal



  1. Walk-thru: We do a walk-thru with every customer to address any areas of concern, take measurements, determine the best cleaning process for the tile & grout or natural stone, and set clear expectations of results prior to cleaning.
  2. Protecting Your Home: We use floor/corner protection & our Orange Seal-A-Door covering as needed.
  3. Vacuum: We will vacuum using our HEPA vacuum so dust and any harmful particulates do not become airborne.
  4. Pre-Spray: We use a pre-spray to break down any soiling, or sticky substances or grease that has embedded itself into the grout lines left behind by spills or foot traffic.
  5. Scrubbing: For heavily soiled areas or heavy traffic areas we may decide to scrub in the pre-spray.
  6. Cleaning: We clean using a truck mounted hot water extraction system (commonly referred to as “steam cleaning”) and specialty cleaning tools along with cleaning agents designed specifically for cleaning tile/grout or natural stone.
  7. Sealing: We apply grout sealer to the area that has been cleaned.
  8. Drying: We will then start the drying process.
  9. Results: At this point we will show the results of the cleaning.


When can I walk on my tile and move my furniture back?

As soon as the tile is dry, it can be walked on. Furniture can also be moved back as soon as it’s dry.

You can turn on the ceiling fans and the house fan to “ON” to speed up the process. But it doesn’t take very long.


What should I use to clean my tile/grout or natural stone floors and countertops?

Cleaners that have a neutral ph of 7 are best. Stay away from anything harsh or acidic as it will etch the grout. If you’re not sure what to look for, we have a couple different neutral cleaners at our showroom that you can check out. We always keep these in stock, so feel free to shop local and get your products from us! 😉

We also have a product that you can use to clean & seal/protect your countertops that are natural stone (marble, granite, quartzite, limestone, travertine, slate, sandstone & flagstone). Visit our showroom to pick up your bottle!


Thanks for checking out A Guy In A Truck! Let us know how we can help. 🙂

Customer Reviews

“5 Stars!! Our floors look brand new!! Thank you so much!!” – Teresa K, Somonauk, IL

“I especially appreciate the thoughtful way he worked around our health issues. My whole house feels shiny clean and even the air smells better.” – Anita O, Sandwich, IL

“Very professional with great results. I will definitely rely on A Guy In A Truck in the future. Thank you!” – Bridget A, Yorkville, IL

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