Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood Floors should be professionally cleaned every 1-2 years, depending on the amount of traffic through that area. This low-moisture, deep cleaning will remove dirt and grime embedded in the cracks and crevices, while restoring the original sheen of the polyurethane finish. Some limitations would be: deep scratches or gouges, fading or discoloration of the wood from UV rays, staining, chipping, peeling or excessive wear in the finish itself. To maintain the look of your hardwood floors, a refinisher can be applied.


Basic Hardwood Floor Cleaning Process

  1. Walk-thru: We do a walk-thru with every customer to address any areas of concern, take measurements, determine the best cleaning process for the hardwood and set clear expectations of results prior to cleaning.
  2. Vacuum: We will vacuum using our HEPA vacuum so dust and any harmful particulates do not become airborne. Then we will tack the floor using a slightly damp microfiber mop to remove dust that was not picked up by the vacuum.
  3. Clean: Using an alcohol based cleaner specifically for Hardwood, we will use a hardwood floor cleaning machine to clean all dirt and sticky residue from the floor surface and the joints. This is a low moisture cleaning process where there is a small amount of solution applied with a soft bristle scrubber and vacuumed up immediately.  The Alcohol Solution base allows the floor to dry quickly
  4. Rinse: Using an alcohol based rinsing agent along with the hardwood floor cleaning machine to remove all the cleaner from the floor surface and the joints.
  5. Apply Polyurethane: We can re-apply a water based polyurethane with low VOC’s at an additional cost.
  6. Results: At this point we will show the results of the cleaning.

Customer Reviews

“5 Stars!! Our floors look brand new!! Thank you so much!!” – Teresa K, Somonauk, IL

“I especially appreciate the thoughtful way he worked around our health issues. My whole house feels shiny clean and even the air smells better.” – Anita O, Sandwich, IL

“Very professional with great results. I will definitely rely on A Guy In A Truck in the future. Thank you!” – Bridget A, Yorkville, IL

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